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Service that is second to none!

About Us

We provide employment related services to individuals with disabilities. Some of the services include: Performance and life coaching, summer camps for students, work-based learning seminars, job placement, vocational assessments, on-the-job evaluations, and others.

We serve as a bridge between employers and individuals with disabilities. We have established relationships with many employers, helping them to solve their staffing needs while creating employment opportunities for disabled individuals.

A Willing and Reliable Workforce.

Did you know that people with disabilities represent one of the largest untapped human resource pools?

Nationally, in the year 2000, there were over 15 million unemployed working-age people with disabilities. Two-thirds, 10 million, want to be employed. In these times of high demand for competent employees who will stay on the job and advance, people with disabilities prove to be a rich human resource for jobs at all levels.1

Deciding to employ people with disabilities either as an outsourced and supervised workforce or as individual employees is a sound business decision.

People with disabilities offer companies the opportunity to hire qualified, motivated, productive, and reliable employees while enhancing their stance on affirmative action, workforce diversity, and community improvement; and your firm may be eligible for financial tax incentives.

Hiring people with disabilities is a commendable commitment when considering the rewards of productive employment:

  • Self-sufficiency and social empowerment

  • Development of new skills

  • Heightened self-esteem and dignity

  • Higher degree of integration

  • Opportunities for advancement


[1] Business Week, “The New Workforce: A Tight Labor Market Gives the Disabled the Chance to Make Permanent Inroads” March 20,2000

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