Federal Incentives for Employers

Listed below are 7 state and federal incentives available to organizations that hire individuals with disabilities.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Tax credit of up to $2,400 for each new hire: 40% of qualified first-year wages for those who are employed 400 or more hours, 25% of those who are employed 120 hours.

Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit

Tax credit of up to $8,500 for each new hire: 35% of qualified first-year wages, 50% of qualified second-year wages. Employees must be employed at least 400 hours or 180 days.

Veterans Job Training Program

Up to 50% of veteran’s salary paid to employer for indirect expenses related to program costs (e.g., operation losses because of time spent training new employee).

Disabled Access Credit

The credit is 50% of expenditures over $250, not to exceed $10,250, for a maximum benefit of $5,000. The credit amount is subtracted from the total tax liability after calculating taxes.

Architectural Transportation Tax Deduction

Businesses may take a tax deduction of up to $15,000 a year for expenses incurred to remove barriers for persons with disabilities. Amounts in excess of the $15,000 maximum annual deduction may be depreciated.

Mentor-Protégé Program

Reimbursement of costs, dollar for dollar, both direct and indirect for mentor, and up to 10% of total contract value for protégé, or credit, whereby the mentor receives from two to four times the cost of assistance provided to the protégé in credits toward the mentor’s SDB subcontracting goals (as required for contracts over $500K, or $1 million for construction).

SSA Employment Network Cash Provisions

Once the Ticket-holder (beneficiary) achieves “substantial gainful activity” ($800/mo. in 2003), the EN receives a monthly cash reimbursement of 40% of the average national monthly SSDI or SSI benefit payments. So long as the individual is employed at this salary or wage level the EN receives the cash payment. This may continue up to 60 months.

Employers who hire our customers receive a number of benefits including:

  • We help solve your staffing needs and we support our candidates, at no cost to employers.

  • Candidates are screened and assessed to ensure they are reliable, dependable, and motivated to work.

  • Candidate's abilities are matched to the employer's needs.

  • We follow-up with newly hired individuals and supervisors on a weekly basis (for 90 days after hire) and provide job coaching and other support when needed, to improve performance and enhance employer benefit.

  • Employers often gain additional costs-savings due to reduced employee turnover because employees with disabilities are generally eager to keep their job.

  • We provide other creative solutions as well, like OJEs (on-the-job evaluations), OJTs (on-the-job training), which consists of placing candidates temporarily with employers, on an evaluation basis.

Employer Benefits

  • Pizza Hut

  • Paw Mart

  • Martins Supermarket

  • Panera Bread

  • H&R Block

  • Save-A-Lot

  • Lowe's Department Store

  • New Products Corp.

  • Walgreen's Pharmacy

  • Meijer Supermarket

  • Walmart

  • Lakeland Health

  • Kohler Industries

  • CVS Pharmacy

  • QDoba's Restaurant

  • Six Degree Store

Employers that we have served
  • Charlie's Piggin & Grinnin

  • TJ Max

  • Will-O-Paw Animal Hospital

  • Lyons Industries

  • Pilkingtons

  • Dowagiac City Hall

  • GAST Manufacturing

  • Animal Hospital, New Bufalo

  • The Whitcomb Tower

  • Boy's & Girls Club of America

  • City Trends

  • The Inn at Harbor Shores

  • Cooper Carson H & C

  • St. Joseph Public Library

Employers who Hired Our Candidates
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