Pre-employment training:

A two-day training seminar designed to motivate Individuals with disabilities while they learn soft skills, workplace ethics, basic interpersonal communications, resume building, interviewing skills, and other basic but essential work-related skills and knowledge.

On-the-job Evaluation (OJE):

In some circumstances when the customer is motivated to work but lacks experience and training for a specific entry-level position we can arrange for an OJE. This gives the employer and the job developer the opportunity to observe the customer at work for a week or two before making a hiring decision. The customer is paid an hourly wage and provided insurance coverage during the OJE trial period at no cost to the employer.

On-the-job Training (OJT):

Many of our customers are trained and possess specific knowledge and skills for a given job but may need to develop some experience. In some of these circumstances we will arrange for an OJT, where the employer gets the opportunity to observe the customer at work in their facility for a week or two before making a hiring decision. Insurance coverage and hourly wages are provided for the customer at no cost to the employer during the OJE period.

Vocational Assessment:

The Workforce Hub has available vocational and personality assessments which are used to identify the customer's natural talents, jobs in which customers can be most effective, to identify customer strengths and weaknesses, and ideal environments in which they function best.

Job Placement:

Job developers from The Workforce Hub engage with potential employers to learn about their staffing needs and specifics of the positions they need to fill. The job developer identifies individuals with disabilities that meet the job specifications, and communicates the details of the job to the customer. An interview is then arranged between the customer and the employer.

Post-hire support and Coaching for 90 days:

Once the employer hires the customer a job developer from The Workforce Hub will support the customer for 90 days, keeping in touch with the customer on a weekly basis, touching base with employers periodically, providing job coaching, and more.

Job Training and Support

The Workforce Hub has helped hundreds of disabled individuals get a job. Our placement success rate is 90 percent. Approximately 92 percent of customers retained their job for more than 90 days. Close to 95 percent of our customers who complete an on-the-job evaluation are subsequently hired.

Customer Development & Support Services

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